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The aarc agency was founded in singapore in 2023, on a mission to revolutionise the $trillion ad industry with the world’s first collective, modular, gig-economy agency business. It brings together a collective of members who are marketing, advertising and media experts, all business owners and entrepreneurs who understand how brands and companies grow. They are backed by the latest ad:tech, tools, training and talent which empower them and our partner agencies and brands to grow and thrive in an increasingly complex omnichannel ecosystem.


THE AARC AGENCY is a holding company operations centre for its members. Providing access to specialists and experts in every field of marketing communications is one part of our offer. Another is a fully comprehensive cross channel marketing stack which encompasses the best of technology enabled analytics, data and insight and sophisticated buy side talent and tools for activation across every on and online platform, and across the open web.

Within our collective we have experts from numerous fields including; brand strategy, design, performance marketing, social commerce, market research, event management, technology. They collaborate, they share learning and development, and they create exceptional work.

We are retained and engaged by clients in numerous ways

We provided fractional or outsourced capabilities that are matched to client needs. This can be as simple as an FTE outsource or white label, where e provide talent in areas to supplement short or longer term demand or overflow work from our partners. This can be anything from hands-on on-platform trading alert to activate campaigns during peak periods, to longer term in house assignments to cover specific projects, Fractional CxO positions are provided to deliver or consult on specific projects. This is hugely beneficial for our partners, offering cost effective solutions to meet short and medium term challenges and deliverables. We take the headache out of candidate selection away from our clients, saving time, money and eliminating and risk or liability as they are directly employed by AARC.

Brands and Agencies brief us on specific projects and outcomes, here we matchmake to select the perfect combination of talent and teams to supplement their own capabilities and deliver specific goals. With our pool of diverse, pre-vetted experts we can ensure our clients at both brand and agency side are speaking to experts in their field. Clients get what they need, when they need it and only pay for the services they use, not for an expensive overhead that derives no benefit to the client.

We are engaged as an expert outsource partner to deliver on pitches and live briefs. We bring credibility of experience, capability and capacity that can only come from accumulated years of experience finding solutions to complex marketing problems. As business owners we are on the front line of experience and development, we have no vested interest in any solution, or commitments to outside vendors or partners. We simply deliver the best solution for our clients.

THE AARC AGENCY is independent, it is technology, data and solution agnostic. Every decision we make is to the benefit of our clients. Always.




Based in Singapore, Gordan is a highly successful, awarded and transformative CEO. He has worked in global and regional roles in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Most recently he launched Wavemaker (WPP) in Asia-Pacific, in 3 years building it into a $350m business and the #2 agency network in the region with over 3000 people and 500 clients in 17 countries. He is the twice winner and current holder of Campaign Asia-Pacific CEO of the Year. Gordan’s role for AARC will be to build industry profile, grow relationships with agencies, consultants and direct clients, as well as lead strategy and innovation for the agency.



Based in Singapore, Matt is a pioneering entrepreneur and digital ad specialist known for his significant contributions in Asia-Pacific. He established one of the first digital ad businesses in APAC, expanding it to seven locations before a lucrative sale at US$65m. His subsequent roles included VP of FOX (under FOX International Channels) for APAC and setting up Accuen, OMG’s agency trading desk business. He also managed Digital Audiences at Experian and led The Trade Desk’s APAC business for seven years. Matt’s influence is underscored by his roles on the IAB SEA and India leadership councils.



Based in Bangkok, Anthony started his entrepreneurial journey as the inventor and patent holder of the Swimsafe floatsuit, which grew to be the number one selling flotation aid globally. After a successful sale in 2008 he co-founded Stone Bird Green Publishing and Solv Technology where he currently serves as the CRO, and an early stage investor in Pegasus Intelligence, a major supplier of specialist equipment to Governments, Militaries and LEAs. He was regional MD at SelectMedia, Inc. and has consulted for companies such as SKY, MIQ and GOAL. He has an extensive network of high-level professional business contacts across agencies, brands, and publishers.

The Advertising Landscape

The advertising industry is rapidly evolving, with traditional models struggling to adapt This has created an opportunity to leverage market dynamics in a new model business

Displacement of industry experts
Proliferation of Ad and MarTech
Growth of gig economy
Responsible and accountable ESG
Fragmentation of media attention

Unlike in the US and UK, there is no scaled ‘indie” alternative in Asia. The AARC Agency is a collective model that is uniquely equipped to fill that gap

The Industry

Business Model

>1000 brands and businesses spending on digital advertising with poor client management and little visibility or trust in the quality of performance of their advertising spend.

Bloated Infrastructure

Existing agency infrastructure turns away >$100m revenue, due to lack of capacity and excessive overheads, making them unable to deliver the speed, agility, performance or price required by today’s digital advertisers

Experience Vacuum

Agency group cost saving initiatives have created a vacuum of knowledge and experience for their clients, compounding lack of training for increasingly junior staff

Our solution is our USP


Unique team with extensive experience and expertise in leading agencies, brands, trade desks, financial service models and start-ups. Committed to full time leadership of The AARC agency.


Unique, scaleable business model that creates financial value for members and their clients, while delivering diversified and increasingly incremental revenues for AARC.


Unique suite of business critical products and services that solve a growing problem for boutique agencies and clients. Accessible on demand, 24/7 by members to help run and grow their business, on their terms.


Unique opportunity to transform the advertising and media landscape, for good, forever. AARC is technology enabled, it has the capability and agility to introduce new tools or pivot services to maintain relevance and value.

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