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We do things in a modular way, always with our member and client interests as first priority.

What is The AARC Agency?

A collective of marketing and advertising experts backed by the latest adtech, services, tools and systems which provide them with the capability and capacity to win previously unattainable clients, business and revenue

Our Mission

Our mission is to level the playfield. Giving every consultant, boutique and specialist agency the Access to technology, tools and talent that will Enable them to scale their business by attracting more clients and larger shares of Marketing budgets

Our solution is our USP


Unique team with extensive experience and expertise in leading agencies, brands, trade desks, financial service models and start-ups. Committed to full time leadership of The AARC agency.


Unique, scaleable business model that creates financial value for members and their clients, while delivering diversified and increasingly incremental revenues for AARC.


Unique suite of business critical products and services that solve a growing problem for boutique agencies and clients. Accessible on demand, 24/7 by members to help run and grow their business, on their terms.


Unique opportunity to transform the advertising and media landscape, for good, forever. AARC is technology enabled, it has the capability and agility to introduce new tools or pivot services to maintain relevance and value.


THE AARC AGENCY was founded in Singapore in 2023, on a mission to revolutionise the $trillion ad industry with the world’s first collective, modular, gig-economy agency business. It brings together a collective of members who are marketing, advertising and media experts, all business owners and entrepreneurs who understand how brands and companies grow. They are backed by the latest ad:tech, tools, training and talent which empower them and our partner agencies and brands to grow and thrive in an increasingly complex omnichannel ecosystem.

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68 Circular Road, Singapore, 049422

28F MVS North Tower, Mid Valley Southey, Southkey, 80150, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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